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New record display implemented for the online bibliography of editions of Juvenal to 1600 at http://juvenal.referata.com


Awarded the Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography for 2015/2016 by the Bibliographical Society of America.
'The book trade in Canterbury in the eighteenth century', talk for the Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society, 12 October 2016.
‘John Mower, vicar of Tenterden in the late fifteenth century: his will, his career and his library’, article accepted for publication in The Library (probably 2017).


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‘Canterbury Cathedral’s oldest printed item: Der Ackerman von Böhmen (1463)’, Picture This, Canterbury Cathedral Library and Archive, 1 January 2014. [Link]
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'The re-establishment of Canterbury Cathedral Library in the early seventeenth century'. Wednesday 25 March 2015, Howley-Harrison Library (Canterbury Cathedral) Organised by the Friends of MEMS (Medieval and Early Modern Studies), University of Kent. 
(with Prof. Kenneth Fincham), 'A monument of books: Dean John Boys's Workes (1622) and his tomb in Canterbury Cathedral'.
Church Monuments Society, Canterbury, 7 September 2014.
'Revived, kidnapped, rescued, and rebuilt: Canterbury Cathedral Library in the seventeenth century'.
Beinecke Library, Yale, 18 June 2013. [More...]
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