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‘Canterbury Cathedral’s oldest printed item: Der Ackerman von Böhmen (1463)’, Picture This, Canterbury Cathedral Library and Archive, 1 January 2014. [Link]
‘One book, five printers: Shared printing in early sixteenth-century Paris (Franciscus Lichetus, Commentaria, Paris, 1520)’, Le Bulletin du bibliophile, 2013, no. 2, 267–288. [Download pre-print version]
'Binding fragment discoveries in Canterbury Cathedral Archives', Cathedral Libraries and Archives Association Newsletter, Winter 2013, 5–6. [Download PDF]
'Italian incunables in Canterbury Cathedral Library', La Bibliofilia, CXV, i (2013) pp. 205–215. [Download PDF]
‘The Chapter Library of Canterbury Cathedral during the Parliamentary Interregnum’, Canterbury Cathedral Chronicle (Canterbury: 2013) pp. 26–29.
‘A unidentified French incunable: Sir John Mandeville, Le lapidaire en francoys, [Lyon, c.1495–1496]’, The Electronic British Library Journal, eBLJ (2012) article 6.
'Revived, kidnapped, rescued, and rebuilt : Canterbury Cathedral Library in the seventeenth century'.
Beinecke Library, Yale, 18 June 2013. [More...]
'Theodoor Poelman: a sixteenth-century editor of Latin poetry working in the printing house of Christophe Plantin in Antwerp'.
Tuesday 15 January 2013
Bibliographical Society lecture, 5.30 pm, at the Society of Antiquaries, London.